GEOS - Utilities

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7) or CS-DOS

 Geos files must be CONVERTed from regular format to GEOS format after
 downloading using CNVRT25.PRG (DIR 15) before they can be used under Geos.

71bootfx.seq     1024  02-10-92  Fixes the 1571 Maverick BOOT disks so they
                                 will properly execute the auto-execs on the
                                 disk.  Place this file BEFORE Configure.
                                 GEOS 64/128                               (CC
albumc.seq       3072  03-25-91  Allows you to copy photo scraps from one
                                 photo album to another, even if it's on a
                                 different drive.  Supports up to 16K scraps,
                                 and runs on Geos 64/128 in 40 col.        (CC
alptdemo.sda    10240  08-31-92  Allprint 64/128 demo.  Prints all geoWrite
                                 files on the disk.  Full version will batch
                                 print geoPub, Write, Paint, Calc, File and
                                 Chart.  After this file has been converted to
                                 GEOS, do not rename it, or else the system
                                 will crash when run.  Bug is fixed in full
analog.seq       2944  12-05-88  An analog clock for Geos.                 (AB
animate.arc     21888  01-31-89  Animate photo albums (maximum size is 36K)(AB
asciidir.seq    20480  06-06-90  Prints out disk directories in Geos.  Prints
                                 the disk name, file names, size, date, time,
                                 Geos type, structure, and author.  Uses
                                 printers draft mode to print, and runs in 40
                                 columns only.                             (CC
autoraw.seq      1024  04-17-90  An auto-exec file that automatically plays
                                 the first .RAW file on the disk upon bootup.
                                 Place this file on your Geos boot disk along
                                 with the .RAW file you want to play.      (CC
autorun.seq      2176  03-28-91  A Geos 64 application that scans the current
                                 drive and exceutes ALL auto-execs except
                                 CONFIGURE.  Used on the BOOT disk after a
                                 RBOOT.                                    (CC
autorun2.sda    11264  04-21-91  Autorunner V2.0 for Geos64/128.  When
                                 double-clicked, it executes all the AUTO-EXEC
                                 files it can find on the disk.  Use after
                                 exiting to BASIC to set things back up.   (CC
backdeb.prg      2048  02-18-91  A patch for geoDebugger 2.0 when used on a
                                 C128 so it defaults to the BACKRAM debugger,
                                 instead of the SUPER DEBUGGER.  DO NOT use on
                                 Geos 64.                                  (CC
barcoder.arc    34816  02-18-91  A geoBasic program that asks for a 10 digit
                                 number and turns it into a barcode.  Also
                                 calculates the checksum and adds it in.
                                 Designed for a Star NX-1000.              (CC
bigclip.sda     11520  05-06-89  GEOS application to cut LARGE photo-scraps(CC
blackout.seq     2048  01-23-91  Blanks your screen after so many minutes
                                 (user defined).  Works on Geos 64 and 128 in
                                 40 column mode ONLY.                      (CC
blanks.seq        768  12-05-88  Blanks patterns for Pattern Editor.       (AB
blcko128.sfx     7168  02-25-91  Geos 128 2.0 ONLY.  An auto-exec file that
                                 blanks the screen after one minute if no
                                 keyboard or mouse input.                  (CC
bluepen.seq      6144  09-26-89  Blue Pencil 1.0 will count the total words,
                                 total sentences, words per sentence, etc from
                                 a geoWrite document.                      (AB
boot128.sfx      9216  03-28-91  An application that will enable 1581 users to
                                 make 1581 boot disks for Geos 128 2.0.  This
                                 program will save the kernal that is
                                 currently in memory, so all auto-execs will
                                 be there when booted.                     (CC
bricks            768  12-05-88  Patterns for FPATTERN EDITOR.             (AB
centre80.seq     1152  12-15-89  Centre your 80 column screen in geos 128  (DC
chaosdcs.seq     2048  08-31-92  Documention to CHAOSSRC.PRG.
chaossrc.seq     6144  08-31-92  Source code to Chaos program that shows how
                                 to use the SID's voice 3 to get better random
chessec2.cvt    24576  05-25-93  Chess Secretary 2. Chess database file
chessecd.cvt    12288  05-25-93  Docs file for Chess Secretary 2. Geowrite
chnginpt.prg     2176  10-22-92  Lets you change input devices from within an
chngprnt.prg     2176  10-22-92  lets you change printers from within an
chromoph.sfx    13056  07-13-93  ChromoPhobe is a small geoPaint colour
                                 alteration tool that allows you to modify
                                 colours by search and replace or globally.
cnfg21-.seq     23552  04-19-92  Configure V2.1 for Geos 128 for people with
                                 more than 512K of REU RAM.  REGISTERED GEOS
                                 OWNERS ONLY!                              (CC
cnfg21.seq      23552  04-19-92  Configure V2.1 for Geos 64 for people with
                                 more than 512K of REU RAM.  REGISTERED GEOS
                                 OWNERS ONLY!                              (CC
cnvrt25.prg     13312  01-06-90  Used to convert Geos files downloaded from
                                 BBSs so they will run on Geos.  Load with a
                                 ',8' in 64 OR 128 mode using a 1541 or 1571.
                                 Will NOT work (for the 1st time) on a 1581!
cnvrt2dd.geo     7808  08-01-88  Converts DDfiles (Doodles) to GEOS.
cnvrt3-0.seq     3072  12-05-88  CONVERT version 3.0.  CNVRT25.PRG is better!
conda.prg        2048  03-24-92  Converts 8 bit decimal numbers to and from
                                 hexadecimal (0-FFFF).                     (CC
convert.128      2944  08-01-88  Converts Seq. U/L format<-->GEOS format files
cope1.sda       27648  07-09-91  Part 1 of 3.  An assembler package for GEOS
                                 by Bill Sharp.
                                 FILES NEEDED: COPE2.SDA COPE3.SDA         (CC
cope2.sda       24576  07-09-91  Part 2 of 3.
                                 FILES NEEDED: COPE1.SDA COPE3.SDA
cope3.sda       50176  07-09-91  Part 3 of 3.
                                 FILES NEEDED: COPE1.SDA COPE 2.SDA
ctrl_tab.arc     4096  01-23-91  Alters geoWrite in memory to use the CONTROL
                                 KEY as a TAB key eliminating the need to
                                 press C=I for tabs.  For Geos 64 2.0 ONLY.(CC
dagger.prg       1024  02-25-91  A PREFERENCE file which contains a dagger
                                 pointer.                                  (CC
dateset          1152  07-24-88  Set the date without loading PREF. MAN.   (AB
db-edit.seq      8832  12-05-88  A dialog box editor for geoProgrammers.   (AB
db128rb.sfx      8320  01-23-91  Allows you to REBOOT Geos 128 2.0 after using
                                 the Super Debugger in 128 mode.           (CC
dbget1-1.prg     2048  12-06-90  New release of DBGETFILE 1.1 that solves the
                                 problem of the opening dialogue box.  This
                                 program will alter the kernal in memory so
                                 you no longer have to continuously click the
                                 mouse/joystick button when scrolling through
                                 a list of files when in an application.   (CC
dbgprnt.sda     36864  03-28-91  Allows printing of the geoDebugger V2.0
                                 screens.  Geos 64/128.                    (CC
dbl-dump         6144  07-24-88  Dumps 40 column screens to the printer    (AB
debug20.sfx     35840  01-24-91  This SFX file contains geoDebugger 2.0 which
                                 is Copyright (c) 1987-1991, Berkeley
                                 Softworks (geoWorks).  For the sole use of
                                 registered geoProgrammer owners.
                                 GeoDebugger 2.0 runs on GEOS 128.  This is a
                                 new debugger which doesn't require an REU,
                                 and is activated by holding down the space
                                 bar while it is loading.  For more
                                 information, see file GEOPRGIN.ARC        (CC
debug2p.sfx     11264  02-12-91  A patch for geoDebugger 2.0 that makes it
                                 completely invisible!  You can now step
                                 through the Desktop, geoCalc etc...  REU
                                 REQUIRED!  Works with the geoRAM ALSO!    (CC
debugup.prg      4096  01-27-91  Updates geoProgrammer 1.0 to work on a 128
                                 version only.  Makes geoDebugger 1.0 totally
                                 transparent, so it is possible to step
                                 through the Desktop etc...  CAREFUL!  BETA
                                 VERSION!                                  (CC
debugupd.prg     7168  01-27-91  Docs to DEBUGUP.PRG                       (CC
default.seq      2048  07-17-90  DEFAULT.DBM is a MACRO file for geoProgrammer
                                 when used on the C128.  It adds a new command
                                 to geoDebugger, DIS0, which will dissasseble
                                 BANK 0, instead of BANK 1.                (CC
delhfp.seq       2048  01-20-92  Delete the header, footer, or any range of
                                 pages from a geoWrite document.  Use on a
                                 BACKUP only, and use with caution.        (CC
delhfpd.seq      4096  01-20-92  Docs to DELHFP.SEQ.
demnwtls.cvt    29568  11-14-95  demo of Newtools for geos, that lets you use
                                 more tools in geopaint. use convert 2.5 to
                                 change to geos format.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
deskorg          1792  08-06-88  DESK ORGANIZER. Desk utl Insert/Del pages
digitize         4480  07-24-88  A ComputerEyes driver for GEOS            (AB
dirdoc.prg       4096  03-28-90  The docs to Dirmanager (DIRMAN.PRG).      (CC
dirlabel.sfx     8192  02-18-91  Sends a three column disk directory to the
                                 printer.                                  (CC
dirman.prg       7168  03-28-90  Dirmanager is a Geos program for the
                                 1541/71/81 that lets you sort the disk etc...
                                 use CONVERT 2.5.                          (CC
dirmst.prg       5120  09-16-92  Directory management application.  Supports 4
                                 devices and up to 480 files.  Allows you to
                                 sort etc.  1541/81 & CMD RamDrive's
                                 41/81/native mode partitions supported.
dirmstdc.prg     5120  09-16-92  Docs to DIRMST.PRG
disass2.seq     20480  02-25-91  Version TWO of a Geos disassembler.  This
                                 version will disassemble all inline routines.
                                 Will now disassemble a file of ANY size, and
                                 also regular 64 files.  Output is in geoWrite
                                 format.                                   (CC
disbam2.seq      2048  01-23-91  Prints the BAM of any drive on the screen.
                                 40 columns only.                          (CC
disbam2d.seq     2048  01-23-91  Docs to DISBAM2.SEQ                       (CC
downgrad         1536  07-24-88  Downgrade 2.1 to 1.3 etc.. (geoWrite)     (AB
dskedit          1792  07-24-88  A disk organizer. Add/delete pages etc... (AB
dualt26.sfx     24576  01-20-92  DualtopV2.6 for GEOS128 is an alternative to
                                 the Desktop.  Full 3 drive support with
                                 RAMDisk priority, displays 2 different disks
                                 on the screen at once, proportional slider
                                 for moving through files, fuel guages for
                                 showing disk space etc, fast file copying,
                                 multiple file select.  IDENTICAL TO
                                 DUALT27.SFX except if allows you to exit back
                                 to the Desktop OR Gateway.                (CC
dualt27.sfx     23680  01-20-92  DualtopV2.7 for GEOS128 is an alternative to
                                 the Desktop.  Full 3 drive support with
                                 RAMDisk priority, displays 2 different disks
                                 on the scren at once, proportional slider for
                                 moving through files, fuel gauges for showing
                                 disk space etc, fast file copying, multiple
                                 file select.  IDENTICAL TO DUALT26.SDA except
                                 it DOESN'T work right with GATEWAY.       (CC
dualtp25.sda    28672  07-21-91  DualtopV2.5 for GEOS64 is an alternative to
                                 the Desktop.  Full 3 drive support with
                                 RAMDisk priority, 2 windows for displaying
                                 files (2 differenct disks), proportional
                                 slider for moving through files, fuel guages
                                 for showing disk space etc, fast file
                                 copying, multiple file select, new keyboard
                                 commands.  New features: KBytes free and used
                                 are now displayed at the bottom of each
                                 window, scrolling routines have been re-
                                 written, and are now about 8 times faster,
                                 now supports sorting, and is around 300%
                                 faster than Dualtop128V2.0's, now supports C=
                                 BASIC files.                              (CC
dualtp26.prg    19200  11-21-91  DUALTOP 64 V2.6.  This version of Dualtop
                                 has better compatability with Gateway64,
                                 along with some new keyboard shortcuts such
                                 as: SPACE BAR: swap source and destination
                                 windows, 'P': load a preference file from the
                                 source window, 'A': will open drive A to the
                                 dource window, 'B' and 'C' the same thing.
                                 Boot up in Gateway64, and have a copy of the
                                 Desktop on the disk.                      (CC
dump             6144  07-24-88  Dump contents of screen to printer        (AB
easyalrm.prg     2048  08-31-92  DA that lets you quickly set the alarm to go
                                 off 5,10,15,30,45,60,90 or 120 minutes from
                                 the current time.
                                 Geos 64
enter128.prg     1024  02-25-91  Makes the ENTER key on Geos 128 into a RETURN
                                 key.                                      (CC
erase128.prg     2048  12-12-91  Allows you to change a 1541/71/81 disk to a
                                 master or normal disk (doesn't mean you can
                                 boot from the disk, you cannot erase files
                                 from the Desktop etc), or erase the Geos
                                 header that sometimes gets corrupt.  If you
                                 can't open a disk on the Desktop, try running
                                 this program on Geos 128.  Written by Alex
                                 Burger.                                   (CC
erase64.prg      2048  12-12-91  Allows you to change a 1541/71/81 disk to a
                                 master or normal disk (doesn't mean you can
                                 boot from the disk, you cannot erase files
                                 from the Desktop etc), or erase the Geos
                                 header that sometimes gets corrupt.  If you
                                 can't open a disk on the Desktop, try running
                                 this program on Geos 64.  Written by Alex
                                 Burger.                                   (CC
fancystr.prg     4096  08-31-92  An autoexec that displays a title screen
                                 while booting, just like Windows.  40 columns
                                 64/128 only.
faxdemo.sfx     14336  01-01-95  A demonstration program of the new GeoFax
                                 program authored by Maurice Randall. Lets a
                                 64 or 128 with swiftlink and Faxmodem send
                                 and receive faxes. Load and run to dissolve,
                                 then use convert 2.5 to change to geos
                                 Uploaded by: Jim Dearden
fdump3.sfx      10368  06-20-90  Font Dump V3 will make a hardcopy of your
                                 fonts.  Option to print out font ID, allows
                                 you to print out variable point sizes, and
                                 supports BATCH printouts.                 (CC
filedial.seq    23552  07-09-91  A geoWrite 2.1 geoProgrammer source file
                                 which will allow generic access to a file
                                 handling dialog box.  Also allos access to
                                 three drives and an extended file list
                                 window.                                   (CC
filpat34.seq     1024  05-11-91  A Desk Accessory that changes fill pattern
                                 #31 and 32 to the 'hidden' fill patterns 33 &
                                 34.                                       (CC
findf15.seq      3072  12-24-91  Findfile V1.5 fixes a bug in earlier
                                 versions.  Allows you to search a disk for a
                                 file using wildcards.                     (CC
findfild.seq     6144  08-03-91  Docs to FINDFILE.SEQ
findfile.seq     3072  08-03-91  A DA that lets you search for a file on any
                                 disk in and drive using wildcards.        (CC
fix80.seq        1024  09-27-89  Centers the 80 columns screen on Geos 128.(AB
flashalr.prg     1024  08-31-92  Autoexec that replaces Geos's bell alarm with
                                 a special border flash alarm.  64 GEOS only.
fnt128.prg       5248  07-13-93  An 80 column Desk Accessory that allows you
                                 to change the position of the fonts on the
                                 disk for better selection while using
                                 geoWrite etc.  Does NOT work in geoPublish!
                                 GEOS 128                                  (AB
fntdmp3.seq      6272  03-11-93  Font Dump III.  Dumps fonts to the printer.
                                 GEOS                                      (AB
fontd2.sfx       9216  09-30-90  Font Dump V2 lets you select multiply files
                                 for printing out fonts.                   (CC
fontvf.sda       7168  11-07-91  Patches Fontview from the RUN GEOS Power Pak
                                 to handle all fonts.                      (CC
fontview.cvt     4096  05-12-94  Geos standalone program that lets you
                                 view fonts that are on disk. Geos.
fourlns.prg      4096  10-14-90  An application that displays boxes on the
                                 screen at random in a pattern.            (CC
fpat-doc.seq     3968  12-05-88  Instructions for FPATTERN.SEQ.            (AB
fpattern.seq     4352  12-05-88  A FILL PATTERN editor.                    (AB
g128sym.prg      5120  08-31-92  A collection of geoProgrammer 128 symbol
                                 definitions from TRansacter and other
                                 sources.  Erase page 2 to assemble.
gbptch11.prg     2176  01-27-91  Upgrade geoBASIC 1.0 to 1.1               (CC
gdeb280.seq      3072  03-28-91  Enables full 80 column debugging in
                                 geoDebugger 2.0.  64K VDC required.       (CC
geo128bt.prg     5760  10-02-90  Create 1581 boot disks for Geos 128. Use
                                 Convert 2.5 on this file, then doubleclick on
                                 the icon, and follow instructions.        (MC
geo64bt.prg      5888  10-02-90  Create 1581 boot disks for Geos 64. Use
                                 Convert 2.5 on this file, then doubleclick on
                                 the icon, and follow instructions.  :)    (MC
geobox.prg       4096  10-14-90  An application that displays lines on the
                                 screen at random in a pattern.            (CC
geocan3.seq     33792  01-20-92  The NEWEST geoCanvas demo program.  Requires
                                 Geos 2.0 64/128 and an REU!  geoCanvas is a
                                 new 40 column painting program that will over
                                 power geoPaint.  See GEOCAN3D.SEQ for
                                 intructions.                              (CC
geocan3d.seq     5120  01-20-92  Documentation for GEOCAN3.SEQ             (CC
geochord.prg     7296  02-02-92  Transposes between keys and makes simple
                                 chord structures.                         (CC
geochore.prg     4096  02-02-92  Docs to GEOCHORD.PRG.
geocope1.sfx    43008  06-22-90  GeoCOPE is an assembler/editor package for
                                 GEOS in 40 col mode. This was once a
                                 commercial package, but is now shareware.
                                 Docs and some source code included.
                                 Part 1 of 2                               (CC
geocope2.sfx    24576  06-22-90  GeoCope assembler/editor Part 2 of 2
geodiard.prg     9216  02-18-91  Documentation for GEODIARY.PRG            (CC
geodiary.prg    11264  02-18-91  geoDiary is an auto-exec file that boots up
                                 when you load Geos.  Stores text in geoWrite
                                 format.  Place after Configure.  Geos 64/128
                                 (40 col).                                 (CC
geodump.seq      6272  07-03-91  Dumps any file to the screen or printer as
                                 HEX.  Works on Geos64/128-40/80.          (CC
geoedit.seq      8192  09-27-89  A Geos disk sector editor.  Geos 64, and 128
                                 (40 and 80 columns).                      (AB
geoexpor.prg     2176  02-18-91  A BASIC program that converts geoWrite
                                 documents to plain text files.            (CC
geogif.sfx      12288  10-08-90  A Geos application that converts *.GIF files
                                 to geoPaint.  Only supports 320 X 200.    (CC
geogif12.sfx    12288  01-20-91  GeoGif V1.2 will convert non-interlaced .GIF
                                 graphic files to geoPaint.  Will now allow
                                 you to convert files larger than 640 wide.(CC
geogifp.seq      2048  09-30-90  A patch for GEOGIf.SFX to allow viewing of 2
                                 colour gifs.                              (CC
geoglb2.prg     10240  10-14-90  Part 2 of GEOGLOBE.PRG                    (CC
geoglb3.prg      9216  10-14-90  Part 3 of GEOGLOBE.PRG                    (CC
geoglobe.prg    13312  10-14-90  A Geos global time and distance calculator.
                                 Files needed:  GEOGLB2.PRG and GEOGLB3.PRG(CC
geohac16.prg    12288  10-14-90  GeoHacker V1.6 is a C64 BASIC program that
                                 allows you to erase the copy protection from
                                 many Geos programs.  For backup use only! (CC
geolist2.seq     5120  10-17-89  Version 2.1 of geoList.  Allows you to print
                                 out a directory listing of a Geos disk
                                 including file type, author etc...        (CC
geolog.seq      10240  07-03-91  A GEOS128 80 column only disk cataloging
                                 program that supports approximately 700 files
                                 entries and 200 disks.  Note: doesn't work
                                 with geoWizzard.                          (CC
geologgr.cvt    10240  03-19-95  Geologger is an 80 col Geos disk
                                 cataloging program. Use Convert 2.5 to
                                 convert to Geos format.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
geolynx.sda     16896  01-19-92  Lynx type utility for Geos. Haven't had a
                                 chance to try it out yet.                 (JD
geomacv.seq      4224  09-27-89  Lets you view an ENTIRE mac picture on the
                                 screen at once using Geos 128.  Note: You
                                 MUST have the 64K VDC upgrade (or a C128D)(AB
geomiser.seq     3072  01-23-91  Removes unused escape strings from geoWrite
                                 2.0 or 2.1 files.  Doesn't affect any fonts,
                                 styles, formats, or graphic images.  Seems to
                                 work fine on Geos 128 2.0.                (CC
geomon.seq       5120  07-09-91  A GEOS ML monitor.                        (CC
geomorph.sfx    21504  12-20-94  A geos demo of a program that lets you
                                 "morph" an animation between 2
                                 pictures. Load and run to dissolve,
                                 and use convert 2.5 to convert to
                                 Geos format
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
geopcx.sfx      11264  06-22-91  Converts geoPaint files into IBM PCX format
                                 so you can import them to geoDraw.  Full
                                 colour & B/W support.                     (CC
geoprgin.arc    64512  01-24-91  This file contains information on
                                 geoProgrammer 2.0.  These files contain
                                 documents right from BSW about geoProgrammer
                                 2.0 - the history/revision list, new
                                 features, known/fixed bug list etc...  This
                                 is a LARGE file when unARCed.  466 blocks
                                 long, and is in PETSCII, NOT Geos.        (CC
geoprog2.seq     4096  06-06-90  Version 2 of the geoProgrammer patch for Geos
                                 128 users.  This patch patches geoAssembler,
                                 and geoLinker to work in 40/80 column mode,
                                 and geoDebugger to work in 40 column mode on
                                 Geos 128.                                 (CC
geoprogp.seq     3072  03-28-90  A patch for geoProgrammer's geoAssembler, and
                                 geoLinker that makes it more usable on Geos
                                 128 by fixing the Dialogue boxes to make use
                                 of the DOUBLE command.                    (CC
geoshell.sfx    27392  07-13-93  A DEMO version of GeoShell, a new command
                                 line interface (CLI) for Geos 2.0.  Works on
                                 both the C64 and C128 40/80 column screen.
                                 C64/128 GEOS                              (AB
geotab           6912  07-24-88  Use the back arrow key for tab (GEOS 64!) (AB
geotools.sfx    11264  05-12-90  Collection of tools for Geos              (DJ
geovax.sfx       8192  02-21-93  A Geos program and font that lets you import
                                 text files from mainframes such as a Vax.
                                 Translates and keeps the format codes.
                                 (tab, etc.) Load and run to dissolve, then
                                 use Convert 2.5                           (CC
geoview          2944  07-24-88  View geoPaint graphics WITHOUT geoPaint   (AB
getgrphc.prg     5120  10-22-92  converts printshop graphics to geos photo
                                 album. use convert 2.5 GEOS
getitwrt.arc     9216  11-07-90  Tells you what geoWrite files are needed for
                                 a geoPublish document.                    (CC
goedxpch.cvt     2048  05-25-93  patches Geodex to handle different files. Use
                                 convert 2.5                               (CC
graphlbl.prg     6144  10-22-92  Label printing program. Lets you use graphics
                                 with the labels. Use convert 2.5
                                 to change to GEOS format.
grav1_1.seq      6144  04-17-90  Graphicview V1.1 is an 80 column only program
                                 for Geos 128 that displays geoPaint, doodle,
                                 and bitmap graphics on the screen.  Requires
                                 64K VDC.                                  (CC
gstorm-d.seq     4992  12-05-88  GSTORM.SEQ's documentation.               (AB
gstorm.seq       8576  12-05-88  Converts PrintMaster/Shop/Newsroom to Geos(AB
headedit.seq     8192  03-25-91  A 40 col Geos64/128 program that allows you
                                 to alter the header of a Geos file including
                                 the filetype, author, date etc.           (CC
hexcalc.seq      4096  09-30-90  A hex calculator for Geos.  Desk Acces.   (CC
hs2geo.sfx      10240  01-27-91  A Handyscanner/PageFox to geoPaint converter.
                                 40/80 columns.                            (CC
hulmevw.prg      6144  10-22-92  Hulmeview 1.0 lets you view CBM sequence
                                 files from within GEOS. use convert
                                 2.5 to change to geos format
icondir.seq     23552  06-06-90  Prints out disk directories in Geos.  Prints
                                 out the icon, size, permanent name, author,
                                 date, T & S of info block, and PRG start.
                                 Runs in 40 columns only, and supports the
                                 REU, 1541/71/81.                          (CC
iconedit         5248  07-24-88  An ICON editor                            (AB
iconedit.seq     9984  12-05-88  An excellent icon editor.                 (AB
iconget.seq      1024  03-28-90  Grabs the icon from a file, and stores it
                                 into a photoscrap.  Good for the .HDR file
                                 for programming under Geos.               (CC
icongrab.prg     6144  10-22-92  desk accessory lets you grab icons, move
                                 around. use convert 2.5  GEOS
infobox.seq      2048  03-25-91  Gives info such as Geos disk names in
                                 drive(s) A and/or B, blocks free on disks,
                                 and name of currently selected printer
                                 driver.  Geos 64/128 40 col.              (CC
infovw2.prg      6272  02-22-92  A Desk Accessory for viewing and editing file
                                 INFO boxes while inside another application.
                                 Lists ALL files on the disk, supports 3
                                 drives, and has a search function.        (CC
infovw2d.prg     3072  02-22-92  Documentation to INFOVW2.PRG
joyport2          896  08-01-88  JOYSTICK.PORT 2. GEOS joystick driver port 2.
keyfer.sfx      30848  02-22-93  Text files and diagrams etc. on interfacing
                                 an IBM keyboard to the C64. Load and run to
                                 dissolve. Docs and schematic are in Geos
                                 format, and need to be converted with Convert
                                 2.5                                       (CC
keygrab.sda      5120  02-25-91  Creates an auto-exec file for use with
                                 KEYMAKE.SDA.                              (CC
keym21.seq      13440  11-07-91  Keymaker V2.1 fixes a bug for C128 users.
                                 Allows you to redefine most of the keys on
                                 the C64 or C128 keyboard including function
                                 keys.  You can make the ENTER key acts like
                                 a RETURN key, change the left arrow key to a
                                 TAB key etc...                            (CC
keymake.sda     20608  02-25-91  Geos 64 2.0 ONLY.  A Desk Accessory that
                                 allows you to redefine almost any key on the
                                 keyboard including function keys.         (CC
keymake2.seq    12288  04-21-91  A C128 40 column application which allows you
                                 to redefine most of the keyboard keys
                                 including function keys.                  (CC
keysw.seq        2048  11-07-91  A Desk Accessory that allows you to load
                                 KeyMaker data files while in another
                                 application.                              (CC
krnlprnt.sda    28672  02-18-91  Requires a REU (17xx or geoRAM).  Prints the
                                 Geos Kernal (any section) to the printer.  A
                                 new set of symbols is included for the
                                 Kernal.                                   (CC
labeler.prg      7168  10-22-92  label program, labels with graphics. use
                                 convert 2.5 GEOS
labeler.seq      4096  02-02-90  Create mailing labels with Geos.          (CC
lmedit.sfx      16384  03-18-91  The LaserMatrix printer driver editor that
                                 allows you to make enhanced printer drivers
                                 which makes near laser printing quality with
                                 Geos.                                     (CC
lockun.seq       2048  03-28-90  Lock Unlock allows you to lock or unlock an
                                 entire disk in Geos                       (CC
login2.seq       4096  01-23-91  New login program.  Adds a password to your
                                 Geos boot disk.  Geos 64 2.0.  See file
                                 LOGIN2DC.SEQ for docs.                    (CC
login2dc.seq     4096  01-23-91  Docs to LOGIN2.SEQ                        (CC
ma2.sfx         15360  06-20-90  MacAttack V1.2.  Converts MacPaint pics to
                                 geoPaint, and geoPaint pics to MacPaint.
                                 NEW: Batch conversions.                   (CC
macatt2.arc     13312  09-04-89  Works on Geos 64, Geos 128 40 AND 80 columns.
                                 Lets you convert MacPaint pictures to
                                 geoPaint, PLUS geoPaint pictures TO MacPaint
                                 (a two way conversion).                   (AB
macattak         4736  07-24-88  Converts .MAC files to geoPaint format    (AB
macgeo          12416  02-17-90  macgeopaint-thats all you need to know    (CR
macros2.seq      2048  05-11-91  Four new macros for geoProgrammer.
                                 IncW - increment a word
                                 DecW - decrement a word
                                 SubVW - Subtract value from word
                                 SubVB - Subtract value from byte          (CC
macview.c64      3072  07-24-88  View .MAC files on the C64 high res screen(AB
marboot.sda      7168  08-31-92  An improved RBOOT 64 for those with Turbo
menufix.prg      1024  02-18-91  Allows Geos 128 1.4 or 2.0 to create menus
                                 that use the entire 640 pixels in 80 column
                                 mode.  This patch is 4 bytes long, and is
                                 poked into the Geos Kernal at $fA76 in V2.0,
                                 ;dd $FA79 in V1.4.  The code is $D0,07,EA,EA.
milit_dc.prg     3072  01-23-91  A Military personal dictionary for geoSpell.
mirror.sfx      10368  07-17-90  A quick program by Red Storm that flips a
                                 geoPaint picture horizontally.  I suggest
                                 using a scratch disk (one that you don't care
                                 about) while using this program, as it was a
                                 quick, four hour job.  There could be bugs.
mlabel25.sfx    14336  10-22-92  labeling program, lets you define different
                                 formats. load and run to dissolve,
                                 then use convert 2.5 to change to geos
                                 format. GEOS
mlabelv2.prg    16512  04-25-90  A Geos labeling program.  Allows you to make
                                 multiple labels from 1" to 16.5" spacing.
                                 Does NOT support Laser Fonts (yet).       (CC
mouseic.seq      1024  08-31-92  A Preference file that has a mouse icon that
                                 resembles the MAC's.
mouser.prg       6144  04-11-92  A DA that lets you change the velocity and
                                 acceleration of the mouse within an
                                 applications.  A bit flakey with Gateway. (CC
mouserd.prg      4096  04-11-92  Docs to MOUSER.SEQ                        (CC
move80c.prg      4096  07-17-90  A program for Geos 128 that lets you move the
                                 80 column screen up, down, left, and right.
                                 When you've selected where you want it, it
                                 will save an auto-exec file onto the disk.
                                 Place this file on your boot disk.        (CC
natesmac.seq     4096  08-31-92  Macros that the author of GeoCanvas uses.
newtl80.seq      5120  12-06-90  80 column version of NEWTOOLS for Geos 128.
                                 Adds extra commands to geoPaint such as
                                 rotate 45 degrees.                        (CC
newtldoc.cvt     6912  11-14-95  Document files for newtools. use convert 2.5
                                 to change to Geos format.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
newtools.sfx    25600  10-27-90  A Desk Accessory for geoPaint that adds amy
                                 many new features such as rotating 45
                                 degrees, skewing, tilting etc...  A must for
                                 geoPaint users.  GeoPaint demo, main program,
                                 and documentation included.  Geos64/128 400
                                 column only.                              (CC
note2alb        12160  08-06-88  NOTES2ALBUM. Convert notes to Album fmt.
noteprnt.prg     5120  10-22-92  prints text scraps. use convert 2.5 GEOS
o'clock          1152  07-24-88  Set the date without loading PREF. MAN.   (AB
paint-s.seq      4096  10-08-89  Takes an entire geoPaint picture, and puts it
                                 into a photo scrap, which can be pasted into
                                 geoPublish.                               (AB
paintc.seq       2176  04-11-92  Changes a geoPaint picture file header so
                                 when you double click it, it loads up
                                 geoCanvas instead of geoPaint.  See
                                 PAINTCD.SEQ for docs.
paintcd.seq      2048  04-11-92  Docs to PAINTC.SEQ                        (CC
paintsc.seq      4096  11-28-89  Lets you convert full page (up to 28K in
                                 length) geoPaint documents into a photo scrap
                                 for pasting into geoPublish.              (CC
paintvw.prg      4096  10-22-92  views geopaint files without running
                                 Geopaint. use convert 2.5
paterned        38912  08-01-88  Edit patterns for GEOS.
patrnset.geo      768  08-01-88  Pattern set for GEOS. Get PATERNED too.
patterns.seq    20480  04-21-91  A geoPaint picture of all 34 patterns
                                 available in Geos.  Explains how to access
                                 the last two patterns which aren't usually
                                 accessible.  Mainly for programmers.      (CC
pattview.prg     7168  08-25-92  Displays the 34 system patterns on the screen
                                 and allows you to change the foreground and
                                 background colours to show the various
                                 combinations.  40/80 columns 64/128.
persn_dc.prg     7168  01-23-91  A Personal dictionary of some common words
                                 geoDictionary doesn't have.               (CC
photmovr.prg     8192  10-22-92  Photomove 1.0 moves photo scraps between
                                 seperate photo albums. use covert 2.5
photo-p          3456  07-24-88  Lets you print photo albums side-by-side  (AB
photogrb.seq     3072  03-25-91  A better 'photo manager' with a larger
                                 viewing area, and supports up to 16K scraps,
                                 and works with TWO disk drives.           (CC
picshow.seq      9216  09-27-89  A Geos application that will slide show GG,
                                 JJ, and other graphic pictures.           (AB
picshow3.seq     9344  10-04-89  Version 3.3 of PICHSHOW.  Allows you to
                                 display a variety of high res pictures in
                                 Geos (GG, JJ etc), and convert them to
                                 geoPaint.                                 (AB
pntinfo.seq      5120  11-28-89  Info on Paint-Scrap (PAINTSC.SEQ).        (CC
pntr128.lbr      8320  02-18-91  Changes the Geos 128 80 column pointer.
                                 Includes geoProgrammer source code and
                                 runnable file (auto-exec).                (CC
presto.prg       2048  09-16-92  Converts files from auto-exec to application
                                 and vice versa.  This should only be used to
                                 prevent programs from auto-executing upon
                                 bootup.  For example, if you have Dualtop on
                                 your boot disk, but don't want to it
                                 autoboot.  Use this program to make it an
printer.chn      2176  07-24-88  Change printer while in an appl.          (AB
printit.seq      1024  01-22-90  Geos desk acc. print any screen. convert 2.5
prntdmo.sda     31744  11-29-90  PrintDemo is a demo of GeoPrint by Roger Lu.
                                 GeoPrint is a card and banner-making program
                                 for Geos 64/128.                          (CC
prntmate.seq     2048  09-26-89  Printmate will allow you to change the
                                 current printer driver while in a Geos
                                 application.                              (AB
prntpage.prg    18432  02-18-91  Prints each PAGE xy file that was generated
                                 by PAINT PAGES.                           (CC
pspm2geo         3712  08-06-88  PSPM TO GEOS.Printshp&Printmastr--Geos.   PRG
psptch2.seq      5120  07-17-90  A patch for geoLaser, and geoPubLaser that
                                 makes it redirect the output to a disk file
                                 for dumping to the Laser Printer.  Just take
                                 dhe file, and dump it DIRECTLY (NO conversion
                                 needed) to a PostScript Laserprinter.     (CC
psptch2d.seq     4096  07-17-90  The documentations for PSPTCH2.SEQ        (CC
pubup.prg        2048  01-20-92  Patches a bug in the early one-disk version
                                 of geoPublish that caused the computer to
                                 crash when a file was opened without the
                                 proper geoWrite files on the disk.
qpikstsh.arc     8192  12-10-90  Contains three files: QWIKPIK, QWIKSTASH, and
                                 PIK/SHASHDOCS.  Place QwikStash on your boot
                                 disk, and Geos will automatically copy the
                                 selected files (defined with QwikPik) to the
                                 REU, and swap the drives around (optional).
                                 Works on Geos 64/128 using original, or
                                 parameter copy of Geos.  Will NOT work with a
                                 GEOBOOT copy by Maverick.                 (CC
qwktp128.seq     8192  11-07-89  Qwiktop 128 is a alternative to the desktop.
                                 it allows more than eight file names on the
                                 screen at once, & supports any drive.     (CC
raw1_1.seq       2048  04-17-90  A small Geos application that plays RAW
                                 files.  Needs RAW2GEOS (RAW2GEO.SEQ).     (CC
rawtogeo.seq     3072  04-17-90  Converts regular RAW files into Geos RAW
                                 files (adds an icon etc...).  Needed by
                                 RAW1_1.SEQ and AUTORAW.SEQ.               (CC
reconcle.prg    10368  11-29-90  A geoCalc template file that can help you
                                 reconcile your checkbook to your bank
                                 statement.                                (CC
rescu64d.prg     4096  12-06-90  Documentation for RESCUE64.SEQ            (CC
rescue.arc       5120  10-14-90  Saves your Geos 128 RAMDISK when your system
                                 crashes, and you can't get back into Geos.(CC
rescue64.seq     2048  12-06-90  Rescues Geos 64 from deadly crashes where you
                                 cannot RBOOT back to the Desktop.  Requires a
                                 reset button.  Needs: RESCU64D.PRG.       (CC
revert-a         3584  12-05-88  ALBUM REVERTER. Changes albums from 2.0-1 (AB
rolodex.arc     38912  07-21-91  A self running geoBasic application that can
                                 be found on the geoBasic disk sold by RUN.
                                 RUN magazine reserves the rights to this
                                 program.  Keeps names and numbers on an
                                 electronic rolodex that can be saved and
                                 printed.                                  (CC
ruler.seq        5120  12-29-89  A DESK ACCESSORY which allows you to measure
                                 things on the screen in pixels and in inches
                                 (same type of option like in geoPaint).
                                 Works with anything that allows Desk
                                 Accessories (Desktop, geoPaint, geoWrite
                                 etc.)                                     (CC
ruler1.6         5120  09-30-90  Lets you meausure in pixels, inches, and
                                 centimeters.  A DA for Geos               (CC
rulerinf.seq     1024  09-30-90  Info on RULER1.6                          (CC
scpeek35.prg     7168  06-21-90  Update of ScrapPeek program supports 40/80
                                 columns. View GEOS photo scraps, albums
scpitdoc.sda    44032  06-23-90  DOCS (geoWrite file) for SCRAPIT!
                                 Part 2 of 2                              (JDM
                                 (This is the right one!)
scrap            2688  09-17-88  View photo scraps and albums
scrapeek.prg     7168  10-22-92  lets you look at photo albums. use convert
                                 2.5 GEOS 64/128 40/80 columns
scrapeek.seq     2688  12-05-88  View photo scraps/albums.                 (AB
scrapgrb.seq     3072  03-25-91  A better 'photo manager' with a larger
                                 viewing area, and supports up to 8K scraps,
                                 and works with TWO disk drives.  The viewing
                                 area is SMALLER than PHOTOGRB.SEQ         (CC
scrapit!.sda    29696  06-23-90  SCRAPIT! is an impressive GEOS conversion
                                 program. Convert to/from photo scraps,
                                 geopaints, doodles, koalas etc. Runs in 40/80
                                 columns. Colour mode in 80 col needs 64k VDC.
                                 Part 1 of 2 - Get the DOC file too!       (JM
screenph         2048  04-16-90  An application that captures the current
                                 screen and places it into a photo scrap.  Use
                                 CONVERT 2.5.                              (CC
scribble.seq     6144  01-23-91  A miniature Geos 64/128 (40 col) drawing
                                 program.  See SCRIB_DC.SEQ for docs.      (CC
scrib_dc.seq     4096  01-23-91  Docs to SCRIBBLE.SEQ                      (CC
selectp.seq      3072  12-06-90  A Desk Accessory that allows you to change
                                 the printer driver while in an application.
                                 This program patches the REU copy (if you are
                                 using one) of the kernal so when you use the
                                 RBOOT program, the new driver will still be
                                 there.  Works on Geos 64 & 128 (40/80), and
                                 is compatable with geoWizard.             (CC
seq-view         5632  12-05-88  View SEQ files under Geos.                (AB
seqtext         15488  07-24-88  Converts SEQ file to TEXT SCRAPS          (AB
setmode.seq      4096  02-02-90  Changes the status of an application so it
                                 can be run in 80 columns (ONLY changes the
                                 status, they screen may look funny, or it may
                                 not work). Five different selections...   (CC
smartwat         1152  12-15-89  Use the smartwatch clock calendar chip and it
                                 updates the geos clock calendar [geos
                                 application] download as a seq file
                                 smartwatch.seq                            (DC
speed2ge         7808  08-06-88  SPEED-GEOS. Convert Speedscript-->GEOS.
spellc.arc      33792  05-29-92  A spell checking program with a small
                                 dictionary and instructions.  The
                                 dictionary is in geoWrite format
                                 adding a text dictionary is easy.         (CC
stormdem.seq    12416  01-22-90  GEOS Util demo storm systems. convert 2.5
testdbg.seq      6144  08-31-92  Contains all the symbols for geoDebugger to
                                 display the GEOS kernal.
textprnt.sda    30720  01-23-91  Lets you use your printers built in
                                 fonts/styles with geoWrite files.  This is
                                 version 2.5.                              (CC
threader         1280  07-24-88  A single step simulator.                  (AB
tmpatch.prg      1024  05-11-91  A modified TurboMaster patch that works with
                                 BeckBasic, geoBasic, and geoTerm with the
                                 TurboMaster in 4mhz.  Geos 64.            (CC
toolkit.seq     10624  07-04-93  A geoWrite text editor.                   (AB
trnstxt.sfx      8192  10-22-92  converts prg/seq/usr text files into Geowrite
                                 format. load and run to dissolve,
                                 then use convert 2.5 on the files to change
                                 to GEOS format
trojank.seq      2048  08-03-91  Removes the Trojan Horse from Desktop 2.0 for
                                 the C64/128.  Now, files won't get deleted
                                 when you move files around on the Desktop
                                 when using a backup copy of Geos.  Has been
                                 apprived by geoWorks.                     (CC
tunerv21.prg     5120  09-18-91  Guitar tuner.                             (CC
unlock.seq       2048  09-27-89  Unlock all the files on a disk for Geos.  (AB
unpublsh.seq     4096  01-23-91  Converts geoPublish text files back to
                                 geoWrite 2.0 or 2.1.  Note: the geoWrite file
                                 will have slightly different formatting due
                                 to geoPublish's editor.  Written for Geos 64
                                 2.0, but should work on Geos 128 2.0.     (CC
untrash          1408  08-06-88  UNTRASH. Recover erased GEOS files.
untrash3.prg     5120  05-21-90  Lets you recover scratched files in Geos.
                                 Version 3.0                               (CC
wavedemo.sfx    32256  12-22-95  Demo of "The Wave", an 80 column terminal
                                 program for Geos! Requires a swiftlink
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
wormdesk        10240  10-22-92  desktop replacement for GEOS 64. use
wormdsk5.seq    11264  11-29-90  WormDesk 5.0 for Geos 64 is an alternative to
                                 the Desktop.  Place after CONFIGURE.      (CC
writtool.prg    11264  10-22-92  program that lets you alter geowrite files
                                 (fonts, etc) from outside Geowrite.
                                 GEOS use convert 2.5
wrongwr7.seq    11264  04-17-90  Wrong is Write V7.0 converts regualar ASCII
                                 or PETSCII files to geoWrite, and back again.
                                  Also converts geoWrite 2.1 files to 1.0, 1.1
                                 etc...                                    (CC
wrtemenu.seq     3072  07-17-90  Write Menu is a DESK ACCESSORY for Geos 64,
                                 and geoWrite 2.1 that makes it so the pointer
                                 won't come off of the drop down menus.  Run
                                 after geoWrite is loaded by going to the GEOS
                                 menu.                                     (CC
wrtview          2432  07-24-88  View geoWrite documents WITHOUT geoWrite  (AB
zfixer.seq       3072  07-21-91  An auto-exec file for Geos 64.  Place this
                                 file on your boot disk, and it will fix the
                                 letter 'z'.  The letter 'z' has an extra row
                                 of blank pixels on the right side, which
                                 gives is a strange appearance.            (CC