C64/C128 - CPowerC - Special thanks to Ben Pedersen for uploading all the
                      files from the old CPower support BBS!

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7) or CS-DOS
 LYNXed files (.LNX) can be extracted using LYNX15. (DIR 7)

asc2pet.c        4366  03-27-90  Translate ASCII to CBM PETSCII            (BP
ascipr.seq       3200  06-19-91  PRINT.C for CPower128 will print files to
assm-doc.arc    11684  03-26-90  Primer on 65xx chip assembler programming (BP
batch.sfx       14464  03-13-91  Create batch files on CPowerC 128.        (CC
bincmp.c         3833  03-27-90  Binary file comparison                    (BP
bindump.c         911  03-27-90  Output to printer in binary format        (BP
cassm.arc       32512  03-27-90  Excellent assembler for C Power C         (BP
ccaldr.seq       6144  06-19-91  CPower source for mpnthly calendar printing
cdi.c            5483  03-27-90  Character-based file comparison           (BP
cdt128.arc      23552  06-19-91  A debugging tool for CPowerC128.           CC
cdtc64.seq       2048  06-19-91  SEQ text file that describes how to modify
                                 CDT128 (CDT128.ARC) to work with CPower 64.
change.c         4409  03-26-90  Denomination breakdown of money change    (BP
cmaster.arc     16510  03-26-90  C64 terminal program with Xmodem for the
                                 shell                                     (BP
cnotes.seq       2176  06-19-91  Some hints and tips for CPowerC.           CC
colours.seq      2048  06-19-91  A simple little CPowerC 128 program to toggle
                                 through the C128 80 column screen and
                                 character colours.                        (CC
cp-bulln.arc    15360  03-26-90  C Power C information bulletins           (BP
cp-msgs1.arc    38144  03-26-90  Collection of C Power BBS messages part 1 (BP
cp-msgs2.arc    35584  03-26-90  Collection of C Power BBS messages part 2 (BP
cp.arc           4352  03-26-90  C64 1 or 2 drive fast file copy for the shell
cpmsd.arc        9472  03-27-90  Translate C source to/from c-power&ms-dos (BP
cpow1351.sda     5504  02-10-93  This is a C-Power 1351 Mouse Driver that
                                 works on the Commodore C64 Only.
                                 Also works with both buttons on mouse.
cpowerc.doc     20867  09-21-92  CPowerC functions descriptions
cpwrdocs.arc    10496  03-26-90  Documents describing how to use C Power C (BP
cpy.arc          5588  03-26-90  C64 1 or 2 drive file copier in C         (BP
crc32.sfx        7040  07-11-93  Calculates a 32-bit CRC on files.  Written by
                                 Craig Bruce.  Includes Buddy and standard C
                                 source code. C64/128                      (AB
cref.arc         7366  03-26-90  C source code cross-reference utility     (BP
ctut1.arc       35814  07-11-93  Part 1 of 2.  A C language tutorial written
                                 by P.J. Ponzo of Waterloo University.
                                 A C64/128 archive.                        (AB
ctut2.arc       43688  07-11-93  Part 2 of 2                               (AB
ctutor1.arc     35814  03-26-90  Part one of C language programming tutor. (BP
ctutor2.arc     43688  03-26-90  Part two of C language programming tutorial
cweep.c          4504  03-27-90  Prompted mass file deletion               (BP
cwind.arc       36864  06-19-91  C-Windows v1.11 for CPower 64.  40/64/80
                                 columns + windows on a C64.  Includes LIBrary
                                 demo with source and LINKable OBJect files.
data_def.h       2736  03-27-90  Idea for data base memory allocation      (BP
director.arc     5120  05-12-91  A directory function patch for CPowerC 128.CC
dirpc.seq        2048  06-19-91  PowerC source for a shell utility that allows
                                 DOS-like pattern searches.  Supports the
                                 1541, 1571 & 1581 drives.  A C128 program,
                                 but should work on the C64 also.
dynalloc.c       2921  03-26-90  Runtime struct-type memory allocation     (BP
eds.arc          5120  06-19-91  CPower64 source for a demonstration of a
                                 string editing function.                  (CC
exec.arc        19558  03-27-90  C64 command-line auto-execute utility     (BP
expdir.sda      19456  02-25-91  A CPowerC program that allows the viewing of
                                 a disk directory with information such as
                                 directory T&S, program T&S, load address, and
                                 DELeted files.                            (CC
fgetln.seq       1024  06-19-91  PowerC implementation of the standard C
                                 function 'fgetline' which gets a line of data
                                 from a file.                              (CC
fgrep.arc        3048  03-27-90  Finds strings in text (SEQ) files         (BP
fgrepsrc.arc     3072  03-28-92  Source code to a CPower GREG routine.     (CC
floatbug.seq     2048  03-28-92  CPower 128 bug fix for floating point.    (CC
fractal.c        3695  03-27-90  Generates simple fractal figure           (BP
getkey.arc       1270  03-27-90  C64 kybd input with/out echo and wait     (BP
getuns.arc       5588  03-27-90  C64 get only unsigned no's from keyboard  (BP
globcp.arc      23876  03-26-90  C64 wildcard utility and twincopy.sh      (BP
grafpak.arc     21844  03-27-90  C64 graphics routines for C Power C       (BP
grafprgs.arc    24130  03-27-90  C64 graphics programs and routines        (BP
graph.sfx        7168  06-19-91  A 640 X 200 HIRES graphic package for CPowerC
                                 128.  80 column screen required.          (CC
graphdem.arc    19558  03-27-90  C64 demos of GRAPHLIB                     (BP
graphlib.arc    32258  03-27-90  C64 graphics library for C Power C        (BP
inkey.arc         512  03-26-90  C64 non-waiting keyboard input            (BP
kernalh.seq      3072  06-19-91  Header file that defines the Kernal entry
                                 points for the C64.  Can be used with UNASSM.
libupdat.arc     4096  03-26-90  C64 fread(),fwrite(),c1102.obj library update
linkfrmt.seq     7168  06-08-91  Describes the format of CPower's relocatable
                                 object files (.O or .OBJ).                (CC
list.c           4489  03-27-90  Output C source to ASCII printer          (BP
lister.seq       3072  06-19-91  SuperC source for a file lister program.  (CC
lp.arc           2794  03-27-90  Output C source to ASCII printer          (BP
mem-map.128     10483  03-29-90  C128 memory map of C Power C environment
moreya.sda      28672  06-19-91  More files for Adrian Pepper's Music
                                 Interpreter (YAMI.SDA)                    (CC
peekpoke.asm     4096  03-28-92  CPower 128 bug fix for the PEEK/POKE
                                 routines.                                 (CC
prnt1525.c       2398  03-27-90  Output C source to 1525 printer           (BP
prnt801.c         872  03-27-90  Output C source to MPS801 printer         (BP
psych.arc        3302  03-27-90  Psych 'doctor' responds to questions      (BP
ra.arc          28702  03-27-90  C64 Reverse assembles lib object modules  (BP
random.seq       1024  06-19-91  CPower 64 function that will compute a random
                                 number between a given range.  RAND (lo,hi)
                                 where lo is the low end of the range and hi
                                 is the high end.                          (CC
reu128.arc       3072  03-28-92  CPower 128 REU routines.                  (CC
reutools.sda    10240  04-21-91  A collection of useful files for use with
                                 Abacus Super-C 64 and your REU.  Includes a
                                 new, improved RAMDOS installation program, C
                                 source for REU access functions like the 128s
                                 FETCH, STASH, and SWAP.                   (BP
rgets.c          2036  03-27-90  Relative file access functions            (BP
rs232.arc       17408  02-07-92  RS232 routines for CPowerC C128.
scf128.arc       8192  03-28-92  CPower 128 bug fix for the SCANF functions(CC
sed.c           11211  03-26-90  C source for 1541 disk sector editor      (BP
seqtou.seq       2048  06-19-91  SuperC source code of a program that converts
                                 SEQ files to USR format which is compatable
                                 with the SUPER C Editor.                  (CC
setcmd.sfx       5120  09-10-93  C Power C source code and comments for using
                                 CMD partions with C Power. Load and run to
                                 dissolve.                                 (CC
shellram.arc    32004  03-27-90  C64 source for 1764-compatible shell      (BP
siddemo.c        7463  03-29-90  C64 demo on accessing the SID chip
sysaxyc.arc      1524  03-27-90  C64 rewritten sys() allows setting carry flag
time.arc         3072  06-08-91  CPower128 program that sets up the TOD clock
                                 in CIS#2.  Source and executable.         (CC
tod.arc          2304  03-26-90  C64 function gives acess to 6526 tod clock(BP
violin.sfx       8192  06-19-91  SuperC code for a violin training program.(CC
vitals.arc       7168  06-08-91  Calculates some statistics on files such as
                                 CRC, sum, size and line count.  CPowerC 64 &
                                 128.                                      (CC
yami.sda        31744  06-19-91  A music interpreter for CPowerC 64.  Written
                                 by Adrian Pepper. See file: MOREYA.SDA    (CC