C128 CP/M

128terms.sda    34816  05-07-94  Two terminal programs for the 128 in CPM
                                 mode. Load and run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
bdosrep.lbr     31744  05-21-92  Updates your CP/M BDOS.  You can either
                                 re-assembler your BDOS, or run a program
                                 included in this file to update it.       (CC
blue.arc        47232  01-07-93  A C128 CP/M 80 column game with arcade style
                                 graphics, digitized voice and guitar music.
                                 Kill before you are killed.  IBM style
blueintu.arc    44032  01-07-93  Updates BLUE.ARC to run in 640 x 400
                                 interlace mode.
mex-c128.lbr    86016  04-29-92  C128-CP/M Modem EXecutive - terminal program
                                 configured for C128. Library file includes
                                 documentation and C128 info               (JM
mmplay11.arc   106496  05-25-93  Multimedia player for the 128 under CPM. Lets
                                 you run music, pictures,etc.
mmplay2.arc    106496  05-25-93  Multi-media player 2 for the C128 in CPM.
                                 Lets you run graphics, music etc for a
                                 multi-media show.
pcxview.arc     25600  03-11-93  A C128 CP/M PCX graphic viewer.
ql.com           8960  04-29-92  C128-CP/M Quick Look - very good utility to
                                 browse text files in library (.LBR) files,
                                 can handle crunched files and can also
                                 selectively extract/uncrunch any files from a
                                 library.                                  (JM
sgdemo16.arc    65536  12-24-94  Demo of sgtools 1.6 C128 CPM
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
sgtool14.arc    84992  12-24-94  Steve Goldsmith tools version 1.4. For the
                                 Hi-tech C compiler. C128 CPM
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
sgtool15.lzh    68736  12-24-94  Steve Goldsmith tools version 1.5. For the
                                 Hi-Tech C compiler. C128 cpm
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
trans12c.lbr    74240  03-08-92  Read/write/format/ren/del files in CP/M on
                                 MS/PC-DOS disks; hard coded to drive A:;
                                 Pascal source included                    (CC