C128 - Graphics Utilities

 ARCed files (.ARC) can be uncompacted using ARC250.SDA (DIR 7), or CS-DOS

3danim.sda      35840  02-02-90  A BASIC 8 3-D graphics creator.            CC
3danim2.sda     44032  02-02-90  Some examples for 3DANIM.SDA  64K VDC
                                 required for these.                        CC
acbm2b8.prg      2048  02-25-91  Converts UNcompressed Amiga monochrome IFF
                                 files to BASIC 8 format.                   CC
anteup.sda      50176  06-22-90  Demo of commercial version ANTE UP, a
                                 graphics conversion prg for Basic 8. It will
                                 convert only Doodle to Basic 8, whereas the
                                 full-blown version supports many graphic
                                 formats. Read the included docs.           GM
b8mous.sda      24576  09-11-88  Basic 8 desktop.
b8view.prg       2048  02-02-90  A BASIC 8 picture viewer.                  CC
barchart.lbr    13184  07-25-88  3-d Ultra Hires Bar Chart Utility
basic8rt.arc    67584  01-25-90  Basic 8 full run-time package from run bbs dj
basicd40.prg     5120  03-31-91  A simple drawing program for the C128 which
                                 generates a BASIC program with DRAW, CIRCLE,
                                 BOX etc commands from your picture.  READ
                                 DOCS: BASICD40.SEQ                         CC
basicd40.seq     5120  03-31-91  Documentation for BASICD40.PRG             CC
cad3d.prg        9216  10-08-89  A simple CAD program for Ultra High Res from
                                 RUN magazine.                             (AB
cpaint5.arc     28672  11-01-89  An 80 column graphics program using Ultra
                                 High Res (included).                       CC
demomk.sfx      45056  05-11-92  A C128 demo maker.  Scrolling text, music
                                 etc...  See file DEMOMKD.SEQ for docs.    (CC
demomkd.seq     11392  05-11-92  Docs to DEMOMK.SFX
dualanim.sda    38912  04-17-90  An animation program and file that shows TWO
                                 DIFFERENT animations on the 40 AND 80 column
                                 screen.                                    CC
facebndr.sda    28672  02-11-95  Face bender 128 is a program that lets you
                                 draw two faces, and create a third that is a
                                 hybrid (or blend) of the two. C128, load and
                                 run to dissolve.
                                 Uploaded by: Commodore Chairman
flicker5.sda    19456  12-06-89  Flicker5.sda is a self dissolving ARC that
                                 contains the main program, Flicker5, plus a
                                 colourized mac picture.  Flicker5 allows you
                                 to view nearly an entire MacPaint picture on
                                 the 80 column screen (C128D, or C128 with 64K
flickmac.128     7168  09-29-89  Flicker Macviewer v5.0.  Needs 64K VDC.
                                 Displays in 640 X 400 interlace mode.
gas128.prg      27648  05-11-92  The Graphic Assult System for 40 column
                                 hi-res, mulitycolour Koala, Doodle, and other
                                 hi-res screens such as PrintShop.  Many
                                 features such as colour shifting, cross
                                 converting, invert, flip, magnify etc.    (CC
gds.sfx         19968  09-23-90  GIF file viewer in 80 column colour.
                                 64K VDC is required for full operation
geos2b8.sda     12288  02-02-90  Converts geoPaint pictures to BASIC 8.    (CC
grapher.prg      9216  12-24-89  A 40 column bar graph program             (CC
hires80.arc      8192  07-25-88  Adds 80 col graphics to BASIC 7.0
ipaintfm.prg     2048  04-01-91  Explains how IPaint files are stored.     (CC
ivs.prg          5120  05-30-90  Use this program to view pictures made by the
                                 new IPAINT program.  64K VDC required.    (CC
ivs7a.prg        5120  09-30-91  A modification to the IVS (IVS.PRG) IPaint
                                 viewing program for people with 7A VDC chips,
                                 which are found in old C128s.  If you have
                                 tried the IVS program, and you get a bad
                                 display, try this one.                    (CC
lacead.prg      14336  02-05-90  Rename to LACE.LMAKEAD.  An add for an
                                 upgraded version of LACEVIEW.             (CC
lacev.prg        2048  02-05-90  A 640 X 400 graphics view for BASIC 8.  Can
                                 be used without BASIC eight by downloading
                                 LACEVLD.PRG and RTLB8.PRG.  64K VDC required.
lacevld.prg      1024  02-05-90  The loader for LACEV.PRG for people without
                                 BASIC 8.  Files needed: LACEV.PRG RTLB8.PRG
logo4.prg       12288  03-31-91  LOGO 128 V4.0.  Written mostly in BASIC.
                                 See file LOGO4.SEQ for instructions.      (CC
logo4.seq       29696  03-31-91  LOGO4.PRG docs.
macread1.prg     5120  11-01-89  Views MacPaint files on the 80 columns screen
                                 Can be used on a stock C128 (16K VDC needed)
macvwb8.sda     14336  02-02-90  A BASIC 8 macPaint view/converter.        (CC
mc.pen            640  01-16-90  Sprite file for SKETCH.128                (CC
megacol.sda      7168  12-24-89  Megacolour is an eighty column interlace
                                 program which requires the 64K VDC RAM (stock
                                 128s have 16K only, stock 128Ds have 64K).
                                 Display is 640 X 600.  Docs included.     (CC
mes12826.sfx    23552  03-22-93  Mandlebrot Exploration System for the 128
                                 v2.6, 40 col. screen. Load & run to dissolve.
moviev2.sfx      9216  06-22-91  Allows you to make & view text movies on the
                                 80 column screen.                         (CC
mspsx110.sda    18432  11-29-90  An IBM PrintShop to CBM PrintShop converter
                                 that runs in 80 columns.  Works with IBM
                                 .DAT, and .NAM files (BOTH required).     (CC
pictvw76.prg     5120  12-06-90  Rename to B8.PICT VIEW 7.6.  Version 7.6 of
                                 the Basic 8 picture viewer.  Requires 64K, is
                                 meny driven, and displays in 640 X 200.  For
                                 large pictures, the cursor keys allow you to
                                 scroll up and down.  To use the PRINT option,
                                 you must have the printer driver installed by
                                 using the command: BLOAD "driver
                                 name",B0,P26064.                          (CC
rtlb8.arc       19328  06-17-89  Run time library for BASIC 8.
scrnload          512  07-25-89  Multi-color bitmap screen loader
scrnsave          640  07-25-89  Multi-color bitmap screen saver
shrink.sfx      13312  03-31-91  This program that takes four DOODLE, KOALA,
                                 COMPRESSED, or C128 graphic files
                                 ($2000-$3F3F), skrinks them, and displays all
                                 four on the screen at once.               (CC
sketch.128      18048  01-16-90  Sketching utility.  40 columns only.
sketch.obj        256  01-16-90  Assembly language module for SKETCH.128
turtlet.sfx     28672  05-11-92  A 40 column turtle graphics language with 29
                                 commands.  Uses C= graphics, NOT hi-res.  (CC
ultrahi.arc     54272  01-07-90  Ultra High Res allows you to do eighty column
                                 graphics (640 X 200).  Made by the same
                                 person who made BASIC 8.  Includes demos. (CC
vid128-1.sfx    37888  11-29-90  Requires:40/80 column monitor, REU, 16K or
                                 64K VDC.  Needs: VID128-2.SFX.  This is a 3D
                                 graphic system that contains utilities
                                 for creating & editing objects (as well as
                                 motion files).  Animations can be generated
                                 in 40 or 80 columns (eighty columns can
                                 choose from 320x200,640x200,408x256, &
                                 816x256.  The last one needs 64K VDC.  This
                                 program is protected by SHARE-LOK.  All the
                                 programs run normally except generated
                                 animations aren't saved to RAM or disk
                                 without the proper unlocking CODE.  Animation
                                 can be seen on the screen though.  To obtain
                                 the unlocking code, you must send at least
                                 $10 to the author.  Once the correct code is
                                 typed in, you no longer have to enter it. (CC
vid128-2.sfx    37888  11-29-90  Part2 of 3.  Requirrs VID128-1.SFX.       (CC